Republic of Moldova, Anenii Noi district, Varnița village Republic of Moldova, Anenii Noi district, Varnița village

Ecological plantation VioPark is an unique project created by Daac-Hermes holding and its affiliate company Viorica Cosmetic, in order to grow ecologically-clean plants in accordance with permaculture principles. Ecofarm is a home for dozens of botanical cultures, used to produce our COSMEPLANT products. The project has been developed and fulfilled with the assistance of Sepp Holzer, an international expert in ecological agriculture, which is one of permaculture predecessors.
The process and conditions for growing crops at “Viopark” ecoplantation correspond to the provisions of Law no. 115 of 09-06-2005 on organic agri-food production.

Species grown Species grown

Organic chamomile, sage, mint, basil, valerian, bluet, iris, clover, rose bay, nettle, adonis, marjoram, verbena, lavender, calendula, hypericum, lint, burdock, onion, lucerne, foalfoot, lungwort, lemon-balm, sunflower, liquorice, soybean, milfoil, dill, fennel, echinacea, plantain, parsley, tansy, avena, dandelion, moldovan dragonhead, waterlily, pome, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, corn, grape, robinia, walnut, oak.

VioPark Organic Plantation